Gravity matters

Simple Javascript implementation


This one is promising, Code in python:

Some of the provided examples:

# Create circular orbit with 90 minute period
orbit1 = KeplerianElements.with_period(90 * 60, body=earth)  
plot(orbit1, title='Orbit 1')

# Create molniya orbit from period and eccentricity
from orbital.constants import earth_sidereal_day  
molniya1 = KeplerianElements.with_period(  
    earth_sidereal_day / 2, e=0.741, i=radians(63.4), arg_pe=radians(270),

plot(molniya1, title='Molniya 1')

# Create circular orbit at altitude 300 km
orbit2 = KeplerianElements.with_altitude(300 * kilo, body=earth)  
plot(orbit2, title='Orbit 2')

# Create molniya orbit by specifying altitude at perigee.
# This works because M0=0 (perigee).
molniya2 = KeplerianElements.with_altitude(  
    508 * kilo, e=0.741, i=radians(63.4), arg_pe=radians(270), body=earth)

plot(molniya2, title='Molniya 2')  

Orbit Hopper

2D Godot game:

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