Drupal 8 theming with bootstrap 3 – part 2

Hey! Welcome back! Glad you’re interested in my work.

So, this is the second part of a series of articles (don’t know how many yet), about the development of a theme for Drupal 8 using the base theme Bootstrap 3.

You can check the previous article here.

What’s new

I have added animations, in two areas:

  • the top bar, using Bootstrap’s affix feature and a custom animation
  • the static slide section images

How I did the animations? Well simple, using a javascript library, called anijs, it’s simple to use once set up, and language used to select animations too isn’t that hard to learn.

Other cool stuff

I noticed that the example site provided by the customer had some sections with non rectangular shapes, such a sort of parallelepiped, so I investigated a bit on how it’s done, thanks to this good article I did it quite fast:



I was also interested in adding another cool library, yet, as I haven’t discussed with the customer it’s not yet implemented, it’s the library particles.js, you’ve seen that in so many websites, what you may not know is that you can create very different styles just by tweaking it’s parameters, more about that in the future.

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