Drupal modules and WordPress plugins development

What we love about the web is the possibilities it offers, to make our life easier and more connected than ever before.

WordPress, and also Drupal have many plugins/modules allowing the (common) user to do a lot of things, from showing a map to automatically retrieve information from other services (like getting files from your G drive account, or product information based on barcode, and many more). But it's impossible to find one that does EVERYTHING we want, sometimes because it does things in a way we don't need, or becomes obsolete, etc.

Well, here is when we come into play, we have experience with Drupal module development, and also WordPress plugins.

We specialize in API integration, but we're open to new challenges. Contact us and let's talk about it.

Game Development

We, like most of the people, love games, but as the industry is saturated with content we consider not adequate for ANY audience.. well, we decided we want to do our own games.

If you follow the blog of this site (or do a quick search) you may find out we are working on middleware that will help any game developer. And sooner or later we will also find the resources to develop our own!

Contact us if you have a good idea and want someone to develop it for you.

Also we are looking for collaborators that have the same view on how a game should be, so don't hesitate to contact us.

WordPress dedicated hosting

To you this means you can have your website pulled up within minutes (automatic set up feature is ongoing).

Also this means a better performance, security and support, as we are specialized support for WordPress (we also provide plugin and theme development).

Please contact us with the contact form in order to have your account set up.


NextCloud Services

We also provide cloud storage services using NextCloud, a widely used platform that allow file sync between desktop PC and the cloud storage, there are also client apps available for Android, IOS and Windows universal platform (mobile and desktop)

RocketChat server

Do you want to have your own WhatsApp? Well, RocketChat is a cool opensource project we can implement on our servers for your purposes.

You can use it on you cell phone to chat, call, or videocall our friends, with surely a better control on your personal conversations.

You can use it to have on your WordPress website an web chat and being able to answer from anywhere, being your personal computer, your Android device or iPhone.

Several integrations are also available, to make it more like Slack.